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Potting Iris

Question: “I had written Linda… about an iris…and she was able to find this lovely light purple iris as well, one which I know was in my grandmother’s and mother’s garden. I have everything in pots, so any help you can offer about container gardening iris would be more than welcome. But having these will comfort […]

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A Magical Affect

Yesterday at the cabin we hosted fifteen or more master gardeners, garden writers, and various plant enthusiasts of all kinds. It was the first time Chris and I hosted a decent sized group as a married couple. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves especially when our guests left that afternoon with big smiles on their faces. What […]

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A Wednesday at the Cabin

Chris left this morning at the awful hour of 3:45am without me. With such an early departure, I cheerfully volunteered to stay behind. Chris spoke to the Houston Garden Club of America at the beautiful Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, and I was left to my own devices today. Sort of. Shipping was a big […]

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More from West Yellowstone

Ever go on vacation and obsess about taking pictures to the point that you forgot to enjoy the moment and beauty before you? Breezing through West Yellowstone on Saturday purposing to enjoy every peak, meadow, cool breeze, and buffalo, I neglected to  properly document our time with pictures. Wouldn’t you know that I would forget […]

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West Yellowstone, MT

Call me crazy, but I am just a little excited about our hotel room windows being wide open. The weather here in West Yellowstone, MT feels like a Texas cold front just blew through dipping down into the 40’s at night. Our business travels have taken us further out West introducing me to the beautiful […]

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West Yellowstone, here we come!

We are still on our week long trip through the West leaving Denver and heading up to West Yellowstone.  I am very glad that we are escaping the heat right now.  The bulbs might do fine, but I don’t always fare so well.  Erin, my sister-in-law, sent me this picture of the barn cat in […]

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Love, Love Me Too…

As previously discussed, we visited Denver on business. That hasn’t stopped us from enjoying ourselves completely in the evenings. Saturday night is in the running for one of the best times we have had all year! Chris received free tickets to see 1964 The Tribute play Red Rock amphitheater just outside of Denver. We were […]

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Working by Day, Playing By Night

Promoting the business at a booth here in Denver by day, and exploring this great city by night – not a bad rap! Proud of our German heritage as Wiesingers, Chris took us to the Café Berlin for dinner. Somewhat of a hole in the wall joint, they serve excellent German food and beer. Dinner […]

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