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This Crinum ‘Stars & Stripes’ has graced Southern Gardens for many years. What a beauty!

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Back at the Cabin Again!

Just thought you all might like to know just how creative the Bulb Boy is. We inherited all kinds of interesting goods when John and Erin moved from Tyler this month, Quick Shine all purpose floor cleaner, cilantro in a squeeze tube (new one for me), and sugar free canned cocktail just to name a […]

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Lycoris incarnata

Lycoris across the South are beginning to bloom, but one in particular that we are now growing on the farm is Lycoris incarnata.  I was able to give one to a friend in Lafayette this last spring, and here it is blooming in his garden.  Thank you for sharing! Remeber, the trick with Lycoris to […]

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Squash in Brenham

I am writing with Dr. Welch in Brenham, and he made the best squash casserole.  Rebecca suggested blog followers might enjoy the recipe, but I’d already eaten it before I took a picture, so I scraped up what was left in the tupperware and slapped it on my plate.  Sorry Pioneer Woman, but my pictures […]

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RJ Meets The Bulb Hunter, Part 1

From Rebecca Joy: There have been several defining moments over the course of my life, but few of them compare to the day I met Chris, The Bulb Hunter. Little did I know the whirlwind of activity that would follow our blind date in April of 2009. From the first time my sister, Amy, saw […]

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The Best View

Perhaps as old as Cain and Abel is a woman’s need to install contact paper in cabinets. I never quite understood this before, but after Rebecca completed this task, the results were remarkable. When you live in a fifty plus year old cabin, the dust, and critters are very difficult to control. Contact paper does […]

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Bulbs Before Breakfast

Even after a long, busy day yesterday, we still found the energy to harvest these crinum blooms. The stink bugs were having a hay day crawling over every inch of the stems. Rebecca made sure that I shook the flowers clean before bringing the blooms into the car. Dinner didn’t happen until after eight in […]

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Milking Stool

Insomnia is rarely a problem here at the Red Cabin because there is never a dull moment and always something to do. Rebecca was thrilled to have the shelving system completed yesterday. Used scraps of lumber found on the farm and scavenged from my brother’s home in Tyler. This little guy was working hard alongside […]

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