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Another Day in the Mud

I hate getting stuck.  Did anyone out there read my latest book “The Bulb Hunter” and remember the chapter where I got stuck on the coldest day of the year?  Well, today wasn’t the coldest day in the year, but it sure was frigid and I managed to get stuck.  It was an enticing 30 […]

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Something Was Staring At Me

We had dinner tonight at a couple’s house with the last name Ball–they’re originally from Mississippi and their house was filled with interesting old pieces from the small town where they worked and grew up. When I walked into one room, I felt like something was staring at me…sure enough, there were a lot of […]

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Eggplants and Katydids

This week I found myself in a garden of a friend that was filled with eggplant (Solanum melongena). He took the time to harvest some! There were a lot and now we’re trying to figure out what to do with them all. Today this fellow landed on my truck. Amazing how a katydid can actually […]

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Alpine Bulbs

I’ve read some about Alpine bulbs, but not near enough to know what I was looking at today. It has a yellow flower and almost appears to be an orchid of some type. They filled random clearings with their charming yellow blooms. We came across them at about 10,000 feet. Of course, there happened to […]

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Can you guess where these gardens are?

I’m afraid this is the week of short blog posts! After scurrying around the farm this morning, poking a hole in my nice slacks with some wire, and getting some last minute orders shipped out, Rebecca and I ran to the airport in Dallas to catch a flight to visit my brother. I took some […]

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My Favorite Little Petunias

I’ve watched these petunias all year long with great enthusiasm, but alas, they are on their way out. I snuck one last peak today of these petunias next to an empty barn of an old nursery. The land is about to sell to a new owner, and I hope they let them reseed. Spring is […]

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Leaving Rockport

We said goodbye today to the Texas coastline and headed back to the pine trees and fresh water lakes of East Texas. We did go to Port Aransas today and I’m happy to say that the crinums are in bloom. I saw a sign that said that litter removal on one stretch of the road […]

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Rockport Blooms and Fish

I took a tour of a bay house today. This particular house has planted a good number of my bulbs. I was delighted to see our Crinum “Milk and Wine” blooming in their garden. The high winds blew the bloom over the night before so we cut it off and took it inside. Also growing […]

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