A Happy, Rainy Friday to You!

It’s raining outside right now. Pretty much a gully washer, and I’m so excited that I can barely contain myself! It’s taking a lot of personal restraint right now to sit here and not fly out the door this minute dressed in rain boots to splash in it!

Chris is to blame for this insanity. My love and appreciation for the weather and seasons has grown considerably since our marriage. A result of spending hours in the heat of the summer bagging and shipping bulbs in a barn, I guess!


Red Spider Lilies in North Carolina

Red Spider Lilies in North Carolina


My friend, Kristin, sent us these pictures taken in New Bern, NC earlier this week. A lovely shot of the Tryon Palace with Red Spider Lilies just visible at the woods’ edge. This is a perfect example of how they will thrive under deciduous trees. We haven’t seen any blooming here in East Texas yet, but this rain will surely trigger their blooms. I can’t wait. Cooler temperatures are just around the corner!

These were casual shots taken with a phone, but click here to view more of Kristin’s beautiful work.

Happy Friday!

Red Spider Lilies Available!

Red Spider Lilies

Red Spider Lilies

To learn more about the property, CLICK HERE. 


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  1. Kay Avery September 28, 13 at 9:35 AM #

    Do you guy’s have any of the yellw rain lillies that are blooming now since we got that blessed rain

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