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Someone wrote in and asked about propagation of the seed pods that form on crinums. First, not all crinums form these seed pods, and I just wanted to let you know that in case you get concerned that your flowers aren’t forming seeds.  For those that do produce “seeds” they’re probably not what you normally think of as seeds. They look more like miniature alien heads.  So, one writer rightly asked:

Question about the white spider lilies. I have some that my son found and dug for me a couple of years ago. Yes, I have even turned my son into a bulb hunter! They have finished blooming and have made grape sized looking pods. I collected about a dozen of these. Are these seeds? If so, how should I plant them? Any help would be appreciated!

She is most likely referring to a type of Hymenocallis, and if they are just now turning in to grape sized looking pods, my guess is that it was a native H. galvestonensis or some other late summer blooming native.  The garden hybrid H. ‘Tropical Giant’ doesn’t produce seeds. Anyways, the answer I gave on that blog here (its in the comments section) is the same as you would do for a crinum.

Michael also wrote a little bit of a lengthier response here:

Both should help answer the question.

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