Crinum JC Harvey- From Division to Blooming Bulbs

I hate to show pictures of items that we don’t have for sale right now because it can get folks excited and wanting them; however, I did want to share something that was blooming on the farm today.  Years ago we sold Crinum JC Harvey, and I’ve forever been building my stock back up.  In fact, I have a video of the exact clump we divided to get these bulbs ready to go from back then.

They are actually quick to propagate.  Take a look at this blog post from 2010 when we first filmed all of the beautiful babies that were increasing by the biological process of division.  We now have some nice specimens blooming on the farm right now.  It has a soft pink flower, and it’s obviously an early bloomer.   It started in late April for us.  We should have some up and available in a couple years.


The cool wet spring has allowed the flowers to keep a nice deep dark appearance.

The cool wet spring has allowed the flowers to keep a nice deep dark appearance.

Crinum JC Harvey

Crinum JC Harvey

Is everyone ready for the cold snap!  I’ve talked to about 6 different nurseries (one major retail chain, largest bulb company, largest tree farm, small retail garden center, and 2 large perennial growers in Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama) and they have all mentioned how off sales have been because of the crazy weather.  Every time we come up to a nice weekend, we have a last minute cold snap.  The big fear is that once the cold weather stops, we’ll immediately jump into those terrible mid to upper 90 degree days.  Time will tell, but don’t let this cold snap deter you from getting out and having some fun in the garden!   I believe we’re supposed to hit 39 degrees on the farm, but that shouldn’t hurt anything.

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  1. Karen May 2, 13 at 11:32 AM #

    What a lovely color in these JC Harvey crinums! Keep them growing. I will wait patiently to purchase when they are ready.

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