How Long After Planting Does a Magic Lily Bloom?

Naked Lady - Lycoris squamigera

'Naked Lady' - Lycoris squamigera

“Last Spring I purchased rwo “Naked Lady” lily bulbs and planted them according to instructions. They never came up…. – Robert”


Thanks for writing in. Once planted, the Naked Lady Lily will establish a root system before showing foliage for the months of February through March. The lily usually requires one year in the ground before you will see foliage, so I would expect to see foliage from your bulbs January through March of 2012.

Lycoris squamigera garden stand

The Naked Lady Lily also takes between 2-3 years planted before you will see blooms in the summer. So, I would be looking for foliage at the beginning of this next calendar year, and I would start looking for blooms the summer of 2013. Once you’ve waited for the first bloom, then no more waiting; enjoy increasing blooms and bloom size during every following year! I hope that helps.


Lycoris squamigera garden stand

Lycoris squamigera in Garden



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