We just sent out our newsletter this morning announcing our spider lily and oxblood availability. To my horror, I noticed I used the wrong version of “their” vs. “they’re.”  Yes, I did.  I invite all of the judgment to come my way. In light of that judgment, I thought I’d share the Amazon link to [...]

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A Hymenocallis Dig

A landscape architect ordered Hymenocallis ‘Tropical Giant’ from me…only one problem, all of mine died for a reason I won’t go into.  Imagine my panic when he called up this spring ready for his order.   I called EVERYWHERE that I thought I might find some growing in pots, perhaps forgotten in the corner of [...]

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Afghanistan Tulips Part 4 and Azaleas!

4 years running now and tulips  planted in Afghanistan at one of the US bases have continued to grow and thrive! You’re looking at Tulipa chrysantha. Meanwhile, back in the US, it’s time for the azaleas to start blooming! Rebecca and I took my family for a walk around the Azalea Trails in Tyler.  Take [...]

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Time To Be Outside!

A customer sent in pictures of their ‘Lady Jane’ and ‘Chrysantha’ tulips blooming in a planter. They live just east of Dallas. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pics! Remember, tulips like to be dry during the summer time, so plant some other plants in that container that will grow during the summer to moderate [...]

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Spring in Iran?

A friend of mine sent this to me over the weekend. It is a picture on The Weather Underground site showing that spring is here…all across the world! This is a picture from Estahban, Iran. Some type of Tulipa clusiana? http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/haestahban/92?cm_ven=gp Spring is here in Texas, too, but it was still a little chilly, so [...]

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Spring on the Farm

The early spring blooms on the farm were cut short this year with that nasty late freeze, but the bulbs who reserved their little buds for later are in full force. Our species tulips and Narcissus ‘Golden Dawn’ look great. They’re not doing a great job of keeping our discreet little bulb farm so discreet! [...]

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Another Day in the Mud

I hate getting stuck.  Did anyone out there read my latest book “The Bulb Hunter” and remember the chapter where I got stuck on the coldest day of the year?  Well, today wasn’t the coldest day in the year, but it sure was frigid and I managed to get stuck.  It was an enticing 30 [...]

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Protecting Our Bulbs

One of the many issues I’ve run into with the bulbs growing on our East Texas farm, is the fact that they are so tasty to so many different things!  I thought for sure when I found secret stashes of Byzantine gladioli or hoards of Texas tulips (Tulipa praecox) that they would all transplant very [...]

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